The smart way to avoid hard feelings when promoting an employee

This story may be familiar to you; there is an open position in your business, and you have your eye on an employee you’d like to promote. You call him or her to give the good news, and your employee accepts the offer. You think everything is OK, but then you notice that you have created dissatisfaction among those who weren’t considered for the job. Unless you’re careful, your employee selection could cause you to end up in court.

As a business owner, it is sometimes complicated to know all the guidelines and rules that the workplace should apply. In this case, Talent HR Solutions, an Outsourcing Human Resources firm, recommends reviewing the heading of terms and conditions of employment that are covered by federal and state employment and non-discrimination laws. As such, your promotion practices should follow the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Uniform Guidelines on Selection Procedures.

This means that before making your promoting decision, you need to investigate with the Human Resources department if your employees will feel more appreciated and secure, which goes a long way toward ensuring your business will not have any problems with law and regulations.

Promoting an employee without making sure you have stated and established a promotion policy may lead to discrimination lawsuits and other legal problems.

Talent HR Solutions, as a Staffing Solutions firm, recommends to create a promotion policy and add it to your employee handbook, publish it online, and provide a print copy to the employees; the promotion policy should include:

  • Neutral selection criteria
  • Interview and promotion procedures
  • Internal communication process of application to positions before a public announcement
  • Steps for application to an open position
  • Compliance with EEOC laws and rules
  • Training in the hiring process for managers and hiring decision-makers Quality assurance and audit of the hiring process to make sure it is nondiscriminatory

Helping your employees achieve their goals

Make sure that your company is doing everything possible to help your employees achieve their goals while performing at their best. Develop career paths for those wanting to advance, and provide training and opportunities to increase their knowledge and skills. The main goal is to create a business environment where promotions are handled properly, fairly, and equitably. Help employees who are looking to advance find a path to follow. These steps will help ensure your organization has an effective promotion process and mitigate the risk of potential lawsuits.  

Is your business handling promotions following satisfactory regulations?

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