How to build high performance business teams

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In past articles, we have talked about engaging your team by creating a positive company culture. In this article, we are going to review how to build high-performance teams that drive your company to achieve your yearly or quarterly goals.

New people, different skills

If team members share skill-sets and ways of thinking, the lack of diverse approaches and input could put your team in a rut. If this sounds familiar, you might need to fill positions with different skill-sets and abilities. This will leverage your team to create solutions that haven’t been explored before and fulfill your customer’s requirements in new ways.

When a team thinks and operates the same way, or in a repetitive mode, they reinforce one another’s behavior and procedures. Adding other people with different ways of thinking will generate traction and inject fresh ideas into the work process.

To decrease the potential for misunderstanding and increase the new hire success, explain to the new hire the strengths of your standing team and why you’ve chosen to add to the group. The new hire will need to understand the type of team he or she is joining. These actions will create a positive and diverse environment for everyone to appreciate each member’s strengths.

Talent HR Solutions, a Staffing Solutions and Recruitment Services firm in Hawaii, recommends to keep your team motivated by making each member feel comfortable expressing his or her opinions and to encourage him or her to feel like a needed part of the team.

Hire the right people, and let them do their work.

Let’s face it. Nobody likes micromanagement. Most employees find it annoying, and managers lose time by checking other people’s work. To avoid having this type of environment in your company, set your team up for success by clearly communicating expectations, boundaries, resources available, current roles, and responsibilities.

After everybody knows their roles, the next step is to set the goals per project, per quarter, and as a company. Communicate the goals and provide reasonable deadlines. Managers should remain available for questions and support. If everything is set up properly, your team will operate and perform with minimal supervision. Top employees perform better with the appropriate level of autonomy rather than constant supervision.

Talent HR Solutions is a firm with many years providing Human Resources Outsourcing services and explains that, as a manager, your role is to provide coaching, support, communication with all the team members, and leadership in order to inspire and enable a team to achieve their personal and group objectives. A good manager always trusts in his or her team and empowers employees by making good decisions and hearing all the opinions of the team.


Top performance employees are smart and hardworking. They are hungry for success. They want to feel that they are contributing to something bigger than themselves. It’s the job of management to lay out a compelling vision and clear expectations for team members.

Make sure each person on your team has individual goals and know how they relate to the company’s overall objectives. Give them your well-defined guidelines and all the necessary resources. Communicate small victories, policy changes, and company events with all employees so they feel they are part of the team and remain committed to its success.

Are you looking to build or rebuild your high performance team?

Talent HR Solutions is a Human Resources Outsourcing firm located in Honolulu, Hawaii that provides a wide range of Outsourced Human Resources services for mid-sized and enterprise companies. For more information, give us a call at (808) 354-0498 or visit

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