How to engage new prospects by reflecting your company’s culture

By definition, corporate culture refers to the beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company’s employees and management interact and handle outside business relationships.

In many organizations, corporate culture is implied, not expressly defined, and develops organically over time from the type of the people the company hires.

Your company culture is an essential part of your business operation. Many companies proudly emphasize their values through their business branding, processes, website and customer service, but sometimes they don’t apply the same approach to their recruitment.

For a candidate in search of a new job opportunity, it is common that they want to know exactly what awaits them if they are hired. A classic way to engage employees at your firm is to recruit people whose personality and values are a match to your company.

To create a recruitment campaign that reflects your company’s culture, Talent HR Solutions, a Human Resources Outsourcing firm with many years of experience providing Recruitment Services in Hawaii, advocates these three steps:

Showcase your company’s beliefs.

Define your company’s mission statements, values, and long/short term goals for every department, including what you expect of each member. Then, engage your employees with those concepts by applying them in everyday activities.

Employee engagement develops from how well you’ve prepared your employees to fulfill their purposes. Are there distractions or inefficiencies throughout the company? If your employees don’t feel empowered to fulfill their roles to the best of their abilities, you have an engagement problem.

Trust is absolutely critical in the workplace; you need to count on co-workers as a team for any trouble or problem that the normal business activities generate. Making trust a company value – with zero exceptions – is one of the best values you, as a business owner, must apply.

Attract valuable people by supporting good values.

No company can build a coherent culture without people who either share its core values or possess the willingness and ability to embrace those values. That’s why the greatest firms in the world also have some of the most accurate recruiting policies.

Talent HR Solutions, as a Staffing Solutions provider in Honolulu, recommends to recruit new employees who are not just the most talented but also the best suited to a particular corporate culture. In a study, applicants with a certain cultural fit have between 28% and 30% less probability of turnover than applicants outside of the company’s culture. It is common that people stick with cultures they like and embrace and, in some cases, these employees become ambassadors of the brand and help your company to position better in the market by the use of social media and new technologies.

Create a healthy environment.

The workplace shapes the culture of your company. Open architecture will work well for some companies, but not all. The workplace must accomplish the following:

  • Support behaviors which lead to business productivity.
  • Enable people to relate to each other and to information in the desired way.
  • Reinforce the company’s culture by creating a hierarchical or relaxed environment.
  • Expose the organization’s values.

There are other factors that influence company’s culture, but these steps will help you to create a foundation for your recruitment process.

Is your business struggling to find new candidates?

Talent HR Solutions is a Human Resources Outsourcing firm located in Honolulu, Hawaii that provides a wide range of Outsourced Human Resources services for mid-sized and enterprise companies. For more information, give us a call now at (808) 354-0498 or visit

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