How to minimize employee turnover

Even if your business has the best recruitment process, this isn’t always enough to stop one or more of your employees from leaving. In fact, many will quit their positions for reasons completely out of your control. Sometimes the high staff turnover can be relevant by the standards of your industry. However, there are several changes that your company can make to keep more of its workers on board.

Talent HR Solutions, a Human Resources Outsourcing firm, has created this easy guide to reduce employee turnover.

Research why people are leaving.

To determine why your employees are leaving or choosing another company, you will need to research your statistics and ask some serious questions:

  • Do you have a problematic department?
  • How many of the exits are resignations?
  • How many of the exits are terminations?
  • Are personal reasons a problem?
  • Are your employees burned out or stressed?

After you find the answers, you should use the data to determine a solution. Your workers want to feel that they are valued and will be listened to. If you do not currently receive feedback from your employees, start using employee engagement surveys and questionnaires so they can provide their outlook daily operation. When you ask the right questions and act on the responses you receive, making clear to your workers how much you value the quality of their experience at your organization, it is less likely that they will look for another place to work.

Create a growth program for your employees.

Initiate a growth program in your organization by talking to your employees about what they want to be doing in 5 or 10 years. Ask if they want to change roles in the organization and what level of responsibility they want to have. Add opportunities for career development and continuous learning so that they feel they are always progressing in some way at your company and in their careers. Talent HR Solutions, as a staffing solutions company, knows that if employees are continuously learning and challenged, they will remain engaged MVPs for your organization.

Reduce employee stress levels.

High-pressure situations and tight deadlines are common features of any industry and organization, but the ways companies deal with the stress that is placed on their employees differ. To know if your workers are stressed, first look at your environment and ask these questions:

  • Do you provide your employees all of the information, equipment, and resources they need to do their jobs in a professional way?
  • Do you give them time to recuperate after an especially demanding project?
  • Do you support and provide communication between throughout the organization?
  • Are there any gaps in the leadership or between the customer and your organization that can create problems with your employees?

The leadership is very important in all organizations, and your employees won’t feel burned out so often if they feel genuinely supported by a true leader that can help them in stressful situations.

Start with a good hiring process from the beginning.

Having a poor recruiting process will generate a high turnover rate. Talent HR Solutions, as a recruitment provider, highly recommends to avoid hiring any candidate that is not 100% suitable for the position.

Perhaps you employ people too often on the basis of their skills alone, not considering their fit with the general culture of your company as well.

We live in a world of ever-shortening employee tenures at companies, so a certain level of turnover is inevitable. The key is to do what you can to drive down this turnover by providing your employees with the very best experience for as long as they are with you.

Are you looking to recruit dedicated staff for your company or organization?

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