What can we expect for Human Resources in 2017?

Another year is gone, and the organizations are looking at how 2016 turned out. But what can we expect for 2017? Most leaders are reviewing a strategic roadmap to determine what they are going to invest, what challenges their organization faces, and what trends their industry will experience in the new year. Every organization and every department has its daily challenges, but some of the biggest for those in Human Resources or Staffing and Recruiting Services are monitoring the latest law changes and continuously engaging and, ultimately, keeping the best talent available in their organization.

Millennials in the house

Recently, millennials have been filling positions and have become a cause of concern for many organizations and HR departments. Organizations need to understand the unique challenges that are presented with engaging with millennials in their work. Making modifications of the company culture by adding intangible benefits like a friendly work environment, removal of micromanagement and bureaucracy, and allowing sabbaticals, along with some more tangible perks like a cool office space, permission to bring pets to work, or wellness benefits will appeal to millennial employees, keeping them happy, loyal, and motivated.

The Human Resources department should notice that another key factor for millennials is the importance of business relationships and how those relationships will translate into young employees’ desires to remain a part of a team or organization. When a young worker feels a connection between employees and management, and when employers create initiatives to improve these relationships, like mentoring programs, young employees feel valued and will likely stay and continue working as a part of that team.

Baby Boomers retirement phase

As we move into a new year, more baby boomers are approaching retirement. For companies, this retirement phase will be a challenge. Creating leadership and development programs for training the next generation is a must for all companies as Baby Boomers look to retirement and Gen X’ers move into the mid-point of their careers. Training the next generation of leaders is vital to the future success of organizations.

Company Culture

Changes in workforce age and preferences mean people are looking for something less traditional that takes them away from a standard corporate culture, something that offers more flexibility and experience. As a result, companies will most likely rely more heavily on contractors and consultants who bring their expertise and experience to help companies through a particular project. The challenge for Human Resources is to develop a new strategic talent roadmap, helping company leadership understand how this new way of working can support the mission and vision of the organization and perhaps lead to a more effective and productive organization.

Does your organization have a Human Resources plan for 2017?

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